Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011 was a hit!

Josh and Jonna in a Ford Ranger joined Kristi, Elizabeth and I on a weekend of fun in the sun on Shell Island. This was Kristi's first trip to Baja with us and it was a success at introducing her to Baja.

Shell Island is a barrier sand island that gets seperated from the rest of Baja during high tide. A road onto the island does go underwater when tides exceed 18 feet.
On this map, the island is shown and our camp is near the umbrella symbol.

Here is a satellite view of the area.

During low tide, we enjoy looking for shells and other sea creatures that show themselves.

When the tide is high, we go swimming in the gulf or in the lagoon.

At the north tip of the island the calm lagoon and the rougher gulf can both be seen near where they meet at Percebu.

There were two openings to the gulf on our last visit.

BajaRob and Connie from Bahia Santa Maria rode their quads up to our camp to share some champagne with us!

Here is Elizabeth's son Josh and his lady, Jonna with Elizabeth and I.

Daughter Kristi seemed to enjoy Shell Island and I bet she will go back!

A dead totuava made an interesting photo subject.

From San Diego, go east on I-8 to El Centro then south on 111 to Calexico/Mexicali. San Felipe is 125 miles south of Mexicali. Returning north, we take Hwy. 2-D to Tecate and return to the U.S. there.

Shell Island access is about 21 highway miles south of San Felipe's traffic circle. The sandy access road is by Km. 26 and goes 2 miles, crosses the tidal flats (if not underwater) and onto the beach. The island is 4 miles long. From the road, it is 1 mile to the south tip (Bahia Santa Maria entrance) and 3 miles to the north tip (Estero Percebu entrance).

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